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Services Offered


You may have concerns about whether a particular modality ( type) of massage is right for you. Discussing your concerns with your physician or health specialist and with Susan can help you make the best decision for  your health. Being an informed consumer will optimize the results you can achieve with massage therapy..



Susan uses a combination of various techniques to soothe away muscle tension and mental stress. soft music, a water fountain, your choice of essential oil/s (if applicable) and a warm massage table and massage cream in a quiet environment enhance your relaxation experience.



In addition to techniques used in her relaxing massage, Susan incorporates specific movements to encourage your body's own natural healing capability. Although part of the massage, these movements may be done prior to getting undressed for work on the massage table.

Pregnancy Massage

Susan has been trained in special techniques to relieve neck and shoulder tension, hip discomfort, low back pain and welling associated with the various stages of pregnancy. She is also equipped to help new mothers relieve the discomforts as their bodies adjust after birth. Safe and comfortable positioning and postural tips are provided for your stage of pregnancy. Susan Nunn is certified in Pre-and Prenatal Massage through Body Therapy Associates, San Diego, California.

LaStone Therapy

For those looking for deep massage, the hot and cold stones applied in LaStone Therapy are the answer. Soothing heat penetrates muscle tension while the cold stones help reduce tissue swelling. However, if you have heart, circulatory or certain nerve problems LaStone Therapy may not be for you.

Muscle Therapy

Our muscles develop a system of compensation and tension in response to injury, postural habits of repetitive use. Participating in this method of simple movements and stretching communicates changes in these body patterns. Clients remain clothed and share in the exploration of movement and tenderness to bring the body back to more normal functioning.


Reiki balances your energy system. a balanced energy system will balance you on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to promote healing. Different from massage therapy, clients remained clothed during Reiki session. Susan may lay her hands in positions on your body and she may initiate slight movements.

Susan Nunn is a Reiki Master Practitioner through Spirit Touch Center, Kettering, Ohio.

Hawaiian Sacred Lomi

Hawaiian Sacred Lomi is a 2-hour treat, Hawaiian style.  Ask for Lomi Lomi (massage in Hawaiian) and you may receive anything from a hands-on, kneading-style session to Reiki or another type of energy work.  Hawaiian Sacred Lomi is a full-body massage using oil.  Using my forearms, I can vary pressure to glide over bones and sink into muscles.  While lying on your stomach, I can massage your abdomen and while lying on your back, I can massage underneath your back.  This lifting and gently letting down of the body facilitates muscle and joint relaxation.  Time is given for you to be ready to return to the world. 

Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle pressure coaxes restrictions between bones.  Fluid flow is restored to restricted areas of your body to aid in healing of various problems.  Chronic fatigue, arthritis, scoliosis, post-surgery dysfunctions, headaches and fibromyalgia all are helped with this technique.  Clients remain clothed and lie in repose on a massage table during this hour-long session.

On-site Chair Massage

Chair massage is a short-duration treat available for small parties (groups of 8-20 people).  A specially-designed chair provides a comfortable, safe position to receive clothed massage for head, neck, shoulders and back.  Sessions are 10-30 minutes in duration.


Bamboo Massage has recently been added to the list of types of massage I offer at my office.
The pressure can be as deep or soft as you like it while delivering the results we all crave from massage.  Various types of tools and techniques are used to get into those troubling, tight areas we all have in our muscles.  The warmth of the bamboo also works well through thin clothing and can be easily incorporated into Thai Massage or chair massage sessions.  Susan finds bamboo massage more beneficial and enjoyable to receive than hot stones!
As with any massage, there can be individual health concerns that may prohibit you from receiving this type of massage.  Susan is happy to discuss these with you.
Call 545-1986 today experience this new offering!


Thai Massage/Thai Yoga Massage

            Thai Massage, or Thai Yoga Massage, is a blend of reflexology, palm pressing, stretching and a system of energy lines similar to the ayurvedic system.  You are clothed and lying or sitting on a cushioned mat on the floor.

            The intent of Thai Massage is to affect the energy body and physical body together.  It is performed in a meditative state and is meant to allow you to be in a meditative state.  It is an opportunity to unite with the stillness within.

            Clothing:  Clothing must be comfortable and loose enough to move and bend your body.  Long pants are recommended.

            Some yoga postures are used in this type of massage.  You donít have to be an athlete or exercise enthusiast to receive Thai Massage.  Your body has limits; those limits are respected when you are stretched and moved into position.  It may be necessary to check in with you frequently during your first session until I am accustomed to your individual body structure.

            Session length:  Sessions can be 1 hour, 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours. 

Thai Herbal Compress..See link on left



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