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What Others Say


"In the fall I was having pain from herniated discs in my neck.  I thought
having a massage would help relieve some of the stress I was under.  I was
given Susan's name from a mutual aquaintance and decided to give her a try. 
She not only relieved the stress but helped with the pain.  I had surgery in
November and as soon as I was given the go ahead I started seeing Susan
again.  I was now having problems with my shoulder and arm from the surgery.
  Susan has researched weekly to find things that would help me.  She has
done more for me than my shoulder Dr. and the therapist he sent me to.  I am
able to function more than I was and I realize that there may be some nerve
damage that she will not be able to fix.
I have recommended her to other people and I will continue to do so."

Marci Jones

I believe that Susan is very well-rounded in her knowledge base which gives her a variety of “tools” to use in her massage.

She also makes a great effort to meet a client’s needs when she gives a massage.  Her effort is much appreciate and makes her massages very effective.

Julie Desorcy, RN, LMT


            Susan Nunn is a very caring and knowledgeable massage therapist.  I am a harpist, and frequently get my shoulder and arm all knotted up from too much practice and playing.  Susan is able to find the source of the problem and work out the kinks in a kind way.  Her use of hot rocks is amazing, and her massage room is very serene and restful.  She has given me exercises to do, and suggestions about how to sit properly, so these problems don’t occur as often.  She has taken time, in the early morning, on short notice, to work me into her schedule, so I am able to play the next performance or rehearsal.  I recommend Susan to anyone experiencing shoulder, neck, and arm pain.


                                                            --Julie Finley


"'Susan is Dayton's best-kept secret in massage therapy.  She does wonderful work.'--Deb Lecklider, LMT"

I  have very successfully used a combination of yoga and massage over the past 15 years to get me through a broken ankle, knee arthroscopic surgery, lumbar disc regeneration and genetic high blood pressure with minimal to no medications. As I began to study yoga and seriously practice, it began to show me where I was holding tension that had become a habitual part of my body awareness.  At that point the massage was letting me relearn what truly relaxed muscles should feel like and with the daily yoga practice the possibility of maintaining that state as well as the added ability to release deeper and deeper levels. : Like they relate to letting yoga work trough the layers like peeling an onion.  I was benefiting with Susan’s intuitive way of working to add in different modalities with table massage.  I have added in the hot stone massage throughout at times where I felt it was almost sealing in the openings I had gained and still enjoy it very much.

As Susan began her work with Thai massage I was very willing to switch to that style as it is so complementary to the yoga practice.  For me it is as important to work with joint mobility and meridian openings as it is truly from that work that the muscles and surrounding tissues have a chance to heal and relax.  I find that even though you leave the table massage feeling really relaxed it did not have the lasting effect that the Thai massage does, which continues to work throughout the following week.  I think doing the Thai massage in several consecutive sessions then adds to the total effect.  I have, after a period of several months gone back to the table massage for a few times which allows the body to adjust to its new way of feeling, but then return to the Thai massage for continued deeper healing. To me the table massage is very important in the beginning to learn how your body should feel, but comparable to putting a band aid on something that hurts where the Thai massage is getting in to the hurt and making it better from the inside so it can correct itself for true healing.

In all styles of massage it is also important to be open to the psychological and emotional learning along with the physical, which is a yogic concept as well.  Each layer that is physically released also opens more understanding and appreciation of the emotions and perspectives that can be let go of or changed for healing the entire being.—Vicky Joshi


The more I experience sessions with you the more I appreciate your intuitive approach and am always pleasantly surprised by the way you tend to home in on problem areas (many of which I didn't even know were there) and make connections between seemly (to me) totally unrelated areas and use techniques that are continually new and different to address the problems. You are second to no one.—Malcolm W.


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